Dear Friends:

The membership of Crescendo: The Tampa Bay Women’s Chorus has collectively made the difficult decision to bring a close to Crescendo’s 25-year journey. For many reasons, we feel this is the right decision. While we are sad, we have much to celebrate. Crescendo has had the honor of bringing joy, entertainment, empowerment and inspiration to the Tampa Bay community and beyond since 1991. We have been a force for social justice and equality within the Tampa Bay LGBTQ and Women’s Community and within the GALA Choral Community. Many everlasting relationships, friendships and connections were born from this amazing sisterhood. Together, we have laughed, cried, struggled and celebrated. Above all, we have made beautiful and powerful music that has changed lives.

We are grateful to all of the women and men who have ever been a part of this incredible journey. It is our collective energy, passion and commitment that gave her life, shaped her and sustained her over the past 25 years. Thank you to founding artistic director, Sunny Hall, for allowing us to tell our stories. Your leadership, direction and constant strive for excellence “made us great”. Finally, thank you to our community for your unwavering support through all of the years. You made it all possible.

In Love, Sisterhood and Pride,
The Women of Crescendo