Board and Staff


Founded on lesbian and feminist-centered values; Crescendo: The Tampa Bay Women’s Chorus is an inclusive women’s chorus committed to the performance of music and activities that inspire, educate and unify.


To give voice to the desires and dreams of all people who seek to co-exist in a world of unity and kinship.


  • To create a unique voice that reflects the lives and personalities of our members;
  • To exemplify social diversity through education and entertainment;
  • To seek the abolishment of all forms of oppression;
  • To lead in creating a positive public image;
  • To achieve financial stability through fundraising. Crescendo is a chorus first and foremost. Beyond that we are in every sense of the word a family. Outside of the numerous hours spent together rehearsing, singing and performing, we support and affirm the individual paths of each member of our Crescendo family, our chosen community, and the community at large.